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  • A Child site is a WordPress site connected to your MainWP Dashboard.
  • The term Dashboard can be used interchangeably to reference:
    1. The WordPress site you have installed the MainWP Dashboard plugin on.  You connect your WordPress sites to the Dashboard.
    2. The WordPress plugin that gets installed on a WordPress site to become your MainWP Dashboard.
  • Extensions add various functionality to your MainWP Dashboard. MainWP Extensions are WordPress plugins that are installed on your MainWP Dashboard. MainWP Extensions should never be installed on Child sites.
  • You want to Sync before you perform any action to ensure your Dashboard has all the current information from your Child sites. Your Dashboard does not maintain a constant connection to your Child sites but exchanges information while Syncing. You can find out more about the Syncing(...)
  • Provides an overview of the server configuration and MainWP Dashboard settings where you can make sure that minimum system requirements are met. Often used for troubleshooting process. It can be found on the MainWP > Status page