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BackWPup Extension

With the MainWP BackWPup Extension, you can control the BackWPup Plugin settings for all your child sites directly from your MainWP Dashboard. This includes giving you the ability to create your child site backups and even set Backup schedules directly from your MainWP Dashboard.

Important Notes

MainWP BackWPup Extension does not support the auto restore feature for the BackWPup backups. Backups created by the BackWPup plugin can be restored only manually. If you need to restore your site from a BackWPup backup, please check this help document.
Backups created by the BackWPup plugin are not suitable for the MainWP Cloning and MainWP Auto Restore feature.
MainWP BackWPup Extension requires the BackWPup plugin installed and activated on your child sites.
MainWP BackWPup Extension supports the free and paid version of the BackWPup plugin.


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