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Boilerplate Extension

The MainWP Boilerplate Extension gives you the ability to easily create repetitive pages or posts on your child sites.

Using the available placeholders (Tokens), these pages can be customized for each site without needing to be rewritten. The Boilerplate extension is the perfect solution for commonly repeated pages such as:

  • Privacy Policy
  • About Us
  • Terms of Use
  • Support Policy

or any other page with standard text that needs to be distributed across multiple websites.

How does the Boilerplate Extension Work?

After installing the extension, you can create custom placeholders (Tokens) that you will need in your commonly used pages and posts. For each of your child sites, add values for the tokens. When you are done with the setup, you can create one page with these placeholders and post it to all wanted sites. On each child site, the placeholders will be replaced with the custom values for the site.

All your Boilerplate Pages and Posts will be saved and fully editable. With just a few clicks, you will be able to tweak a page on all your sites at once.

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