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Fathom Extension

The Fathom Extension for MainWP simplifies accessing Fathom data for all Child Sites within your MainWP Dashboard. It adds global and individual widgets that display visitor counts and valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions for your Child Sites.

Use this Extension To Track:

  • Views
  • Users
  • Unique pages view
  • Average Engagement time
  • Visitors by Country
  • Visitors by Page
  • Visitors by Device
  • Views by Referrers
  • Visitors by Browsers



Establishing a connection with a Fathom Account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the Create New button to create an API token
    Fathom Extension 1
  3. Give the key a name, set Permissions to Admin key, and click the Save change button
    Fathom Extension 2
  4. Navigate to MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Fathom > Add Account
  5. Paste in the API token and click the Connect Account button
    Fathom Extension 3


Important Notes

The Fathom Extension doesn’t allow you to insert the Fathom Analytics tracking code on your child sites. To do that, you will need to add the code manually or use a 3rd party plugin.




Assigning sites from your Fathom Account to Child Sites in your MainWP Dashboard


  1. Go to the MainWP > Sites > Manage Sites page
  2. Locate the desired child site and click the Edit action
    Fathom Extension 4
  3. Locate the Fathom section
  4. Select the correct Fathom site from the dropdown menu
  5. Click the Save Settings button
    Fathom Extension 5
  6. Repeat the process for all your child sites
  7. When you are done, you will see those sites in the dropdown on the Extensions > Fathom > Visitor Data page



Fathom Visitor Data

After you connect your Fathom Analytics account and assign Fathom Sites to your Child Sites, you will be able to see all Fathom Analytics data on the Extensions > Fathom > Visitor Data page.

Fathom Extension 6

You can disable and enable widgets in the Page Settingsand you can re-arrange them in any way you wish.

Fathom Extension 7




Fathom widget will be added to the Overview page and on the Individual Child site Overview page.

As always, the widgets can be enabled or disabled in the Page Settings, and they can be re-arranged however you wish.

Fathom Extension 8



Fathom data in Pro Reports

Fathom data can be easily included in Pro Reports by selecting it from the Report Data section of the Pro Reports.
Fathom Extension 9

Fathom data can also be included using tokens. You can find a list of all available tokens here:

For more information about Pro Reports and the use of tokens please refer to this KB:


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