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Custom Post Types Extension

Custom post types are nothing more than a basic post but have different parameters defined inside your code. Probably, you have been able to see Products, Testimonials, Features, Projects, or similar items in your WordPress Sites and thought that it would be cool if you could manage these from your MainWP Dashboard.

MainWP Custom Post Types extension allows you to manage custom post types on your child sites. To manage custom post type on your child sites, you need to have the matching Custom Post Type (CPT) on your MainWP Dashboard too. Once you register the same CPT on your MainWP Dashboard site, this extension will add the Select Sites Metabox to the Add New Item interface, and it will allow you to control where you want to publish this CPT content.

Also, support for the CPT will be added to the Manage Posts section, so you can search and manage CPT posts.

What is Matching CPT?

There are three required arguments for each CPT:

  1. CPT Slug
  2. CPT Plural Label
  3. CPT Singular Label
If all three are in the match, you can say that you have the matching CPTs.
Let’s review the example of the Movies CPT.

On your child site(s), you have a Movies CPT (Slug: movies, Plural Label: Movies, Singular Label: Movie).
To be able to manage this CPT from your MainWP Dashboard, you need to create the same CPT your MainWP Dashboard site.

Please note that the Classic Editor plugin must be installed on MainWP Dashboard and related Child sites for the Custom Post Type extension to work correctly.

WooCommerce Products

If you want to use this extension to publish WooCommerce Products to your child site(s), it is enough to install the WooCommerce plugin on your dashboard site. The extension will automatically create support for Products.

Important Notes

MainWP Custom Post Types extension DOES NOT register CPTs on your child sites. It only allows you to manage existing CPTs. To properly use it, you need to have the same CPT on your Dashboard and Child Site(s)!

It doesn’t matter if a CPT on your child sites has been created by a plugin, registered with a snippet in the functions.php, or added by your WordPress Theme; this extension will be able to manage it as long as you can create the Matching CPT on your dashboard site.

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