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Staging Extension

Staging Sites are sites that duplicate your Production Sites (same hardware, same software, same settings) so that any change can be tested and evaluated before being placed into production. In other words, it’s a complete but independent copy of your production site, including the database.

The MainWP Staging Extension allows you to create and manage staging sites without hassle.

The MainWP Staging Extension requires the WP Staging plugin on your Child Sites.
Please note that the Staging extension works only with the free version of the WP Staging plugin.

How it works

Once you trigger the process of creating a staging site, the WP Staging plugin will duplicate all site files and copy them to a subdirectory. Also, all database tables will be duplicated, but the prefix will be changed. Once this process is done, the necessary data will be updated in the wp-config.php file in the staging site. Within a couple of seconds, you will have a replica of your child site where you can test updates.

After creating a staging site, the MainWP will automatically install the MainWP Child plugin on the child site and connect it to your MainWP Dashboard.

Important Notes

MainWP Staging Extension is extensively tested by the MainWP team; however, it’s still a work in progress (Beta release). If you find any issues, please contact MainWP Support.

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