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MainWP and Atarim integration

Atarim is a service for collaborating with your clients. Two-way integration offers an insight into website status on Atarim Dashboard and an insight into Atarim tasks on the MainWP Dashboard.

Please note that this integration requires a paid Atarim plan (Starter, Expert, or Agency).

Connect Atarim to MainWP Dashboard

  1. Install Atarim Extension
  2. Go to Atarim Dashboard > Settings > Integrations Settings page
  3. Enable MainWP Integration and copy the API Key
    MainWP and Atarim integration 1
  4. Go to MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Atarim > Settings page
  5. Paste the API Key
  6. Click the Save Settings button
    MainWP and Atarim integration 2

After connecting with Atarim, MainWP will gain the following features:

  • Manage Sites table
    • A new column will be visible showing the number of Atarim tasks for child sites. Clicking the icon will reveal additional information about those tasks.
      MainWP and Atarim integration 3
  • Overview widgets
    • On the Overview and Individual Child site overview, a new widget will display information about Atarim tasks
      MainWP and Atarim integration 4
  • Pro Reports data
    : Pre Reports extension version 4.0.11 is required for Atarim data
    • Atarim Data can be included in the Report from the Report Data section
      MainWP and Atarim integration 5
    • Atarim data can also be included by using two new tokens
      [atarim.all.tasks] – Displays all tasks for a site within the selected date range
      [atarim.billable.tasks] – Displays all billable tasks for a site within the selected date range


Connect MainWP to Atarim Dashboard

  1. Go to WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks Page
  2. Choose any settings except for Plain (this is a WordPress REST API limitation)
    How Can I Enable MainWP REST API? 1
  3. Go to MainWP Dashboard > Settings > REST API page
  4. Enable REST API and click Generate New API Credentials button
  5. Copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
    MainWP and Atarim integration 6
  6. Go to Atarim Dashboard > Settings > Integrations Settings page
  7. Find the MainWP Integration section
  8. Paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, and the URL of your MainWP Dashboard
    MainWP and Atarim integration 7

After connecting with MainWP, Atarim will display the number of available updates, a number of security issues, and the uptime status of the sites.

MainWP and Atarim integration 8


Learn more about the Atarim extension!

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