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White Label Extension

If you manage websites on behalf of your clients and want to promote your brand and not the fact you use MainWP, then this is the Extension for you. With the MainWP White Label Extension, you can easily change the branding of the MainWP Child plugin, remove and disable functions on child sites and offer an on-site support contact form for your clients.

White Label

The Extension allows you to alter how the plugin appears on your client’s site. You can easily display your company name, along with your explanation of what the plugin does in place of the normal MainWP credits and author information. You can even select not to allow the MainWP Child plugin to appear at all to your clients.

Remove & Disable

The Extension enables you to restrict the ability of your clients to edit and delete plugins and themes. It creates a more secure place for them to work in. You can use this as a way to prevent unwanted changes by clients with less experience. You can also prevent users from accessing the WP Admin Settings and WordPress Tools sections.

WordPress Options

The Extension allows you to easily white-label certain WordPress admin sections, from the admin bar to the dashboard and a whole lot more. It makes it quick and easy to do everything, from replacing the WordPress logo with your company logo to completely customizing the admin area, favicons, dashboard, and more.

Support Form

If your clients need support, this section will give them the fastest way to reach you. If there is anything that they need to ask you, or if your clients need any assistance, they can use this easy contact form directly from the WP Admin interface.

Important Notes

The MainWP White Label Extension allows you to white label the MainWP Child plugin only. MainWP Dashboard plugin can’t be white labeled with this Extension.

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