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Jetpack Protect Extension

Jetpack Protect extension allows you to see any vulnerabilities on your child sites directly in your MainWP Dashboard.

The extension works in tandem with the Jetpack Protect plugin on your child sites. Both the extension and the plugin are free to download and use.

NOTE: Jetpack Protect automatically scans your child sites once per day. This means that after resolving vulnerability issues, it can take up to 24 hours before the extension reflects changes.

Jetpack Protect Extension 1


Installing the extension

First step is to install the Jetpack Protect plugin on the desired child sites and activate it.

After that, follow these steps to install the MainWP Jetpack Protect extension.

  1. Go to your MainWP Dashboard
  2. Go to the MainWP > Extensions page
  3. Click the Install Extensions button
    MainWP Domain Monitor Extension 1
  4. Locate the Jetpack Protect extension and select it
  5. Click the Install button
  6. Once the installation process is complete, click the Activate Extensions button.
    MainWP Domain Monitor Extension 2


Vulnerabilities tab
Jetpack Protect Extension 2

The vulnerabilities tab shows you all the child sites which have the Jetpack Plugin installed, when was the last scan performed, and the number of vulnerabilities found for WordPress core, Plugins, and Themes.

You can click on child site row to expand it and reveal detailed information about the detected vulnerabilities.

Fix a vulnerability

Then you can click on any of the vulnerabilities to reveal even more information about it, and here you can decide how to fix it. Either to update the plugin/theme or to delete it.

Jetpack Protect Extension 3


Overview tab

This page provides you with additional actions related to the Jetpack Protect plugin.

The ellipsis menu reveals additional actions such as the ability to hide the Jetpack Protect plugin on the child site and the ability to disconnect it.

Jetpack Protect Extension 4

And Bulk Actions menu provides the same actions but for multiple child sites at once.

Jetpack Protect Extension 5



Jetpack Protect REST API

All MainWP REST API calls, including full documentation, and examples, are now publicly available on Postman.

Please refer to our REST API document for more details on enabling REST API and managing Keys:

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