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Clean and Lock Extension

The MainWP Clean and Lock Extension allows you to remove unwanted sections from your MainWP Dashboard site, limit access to your WP Admin and even redirect Non-WP-Admin pages to a different site making your MainWP Dashboard virtually invisible.

All of these changes can be made without you having to ever edit the .htaccess file yourself.

Dashboard Clean Up

The Extension will enable you to quickly remove unwanted WordPress sections from your MainWP Dashboard site admin area. With a clean dashboard backend, you will be able to find things easier and save valuable time.

301 Redirect

Make your dashboard front page inaccessible to everyone but you. Easily set a redirect URL, and all hits on Non-WP-Admin pages will be redirected to it. This will make your MainWP Dashboard site virtually invisible.

Dashboard Lock Down

The Extension allows you to limit access to WP Admin pages and to your wp-login.php page to specific IP addresses without having to manually edit your .htaccess file.

Additional IPs can be set up to access your WordPress admin by adding one IP address per line if you access your dashboard from multiple locations.

You can also add a secondary login and password for your WP Admin pages and to your wp-login.php page, this is helpful if you have a dynamic IP but still want to add some extra protection to your site.


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