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Cache Control

MainWP Cache Control allows you to automatically purge the Cache on your child sites after performing an update of WP Core, Theme, or a Plugin through the MainWP Dashboard. Currently supported caching solutions are

  • Cloudflare

and the following caching plugins:

  • Breeze
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Siteground Optimizer
  • Swift Performance Lite and Pro
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Rocket
  • Hummingbird Performance
  • Cache Enabler
  • Nitropack
  • Autoptimize
  • Nginx Helper

Overview of when the last automatic Cache purge occurred and what the currently detected Caching solution is for your Child sites can be found in the table located on MainWP > Sites > Manage Sites page.
Cache Control 1


Important Note

Cache Control is disabled by default. To enable it, please watch the instructional video at the top of the page or read the instruction below.

If the Cache Control is disabled, the MainWP Dashboard > Info > Cache Control Logs page will display {“status”:”Disabled”} next to the Child Sites, which have a supported Caching solution.

If the Child Site does not have a supported Caching solution, the field will be blank.

Cache Control 2



Cloudflare cache purging

For the Cloudflare cache purging to work, you must enter valid Cloudflare API Email and Cloudflare API Key and enable “Use Cloudflare Cache API” setting.

Cache Control 3


NOTE MainWP Cache Control will NOT purge both Cloudflare Cache and Cache from one of the supported plugins.

If MainWP detects that a Child site uses one of the supported Plugins, only its Cache will be automatically purged. If a supported Caching plugin is not detected by MainWP, then the Cloudflare cache will be purged.

If, however, you want both Cloudflare and Plugin caches to be automatically purged, the Caching plugin will have to support Cloudflare natively and be configured appropriately.

Please follow the instructions provided by the plugin’s developer in order to do so: Breeze, Litespeed Cache, Swift Performance, WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, Hummingbird Performance.



Change Cache Control settings on All child sites

  1. Login to your MainWP Dashboard
  2. Go to the MainWP > Settings > Cache Control page
  3. Enable the feature, click Save and Synchronize your Child sites
    Cache Control 4



Change Cache Control settings on a Single Site

  1. Login to your MainWP Dashboard
  2. Go to the MainWP > Sites > Manage Sites page
  3. Locate the Child site, open its Dashboard and go Cache Control page
  4. Override the global settings by selecting Yes or No from the dropdown, click Save and Synchronize your Child site
    Cache Control 5



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