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Overview of MainWP Dashboard icons

This article covers the most common icons you may encounter on the MainWP Dashboard.


Sync and other Bulk Actions

Overview of MainWP Dashboard icons 1

During any bulk action such as synchronizing your sites or performing updates, a popup modal will be displayed, and one of three icons will be shown next to each item/site.
You can hover your mouse cursor over any of these icons to reveal more information.

  • Red exclamation mark indicates that the process failed. For example, it could be due to the fact that the MainWP Child plugin was not reachable on the Child Site, or that plugin failed to install.
  • Yellow exclamation mark indicates that the process timed out. The child site may have been temporarily overloaded and couldn’t respond in time. The cause for this issue is usually temporary.
  • Green check mark indicates that the process was completed successfully.



Available updates on the Dashboard site

Overview of MainWP Dashboard icons 2

You may occasionally see the red icon in the top right corner of your Dashboard. This indicates that there is an available update (Plugin, Theme, WP Core, or Translation) for WordPress installation where your MainWP Dashboard is installed.
That includes updates to the MainWP Dashboard itself. So make sure to click that icon when it appears and perform all available updates on your Dashboard site.


Manage Sites table

Overview of MainWP Dashboard icons 3

Different icons will be displayed next to child sites to indicate their status.

  • Red icon indicates that the site is disconnected, and you may click the icon to try to reconnect it.
  • Yellow pause icon indicates that the site is suspended.
  • Green icon indicates that the site is properly connected. Clicking the icon will initialize a Synchronization with that site.


Monitoring Page table

Overview of MainWP Dashboard icons 4

On the Monitoring page, the yellow icon indicates that the Site Health should be improved. More information about Site Health monitoring is available in this document.

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