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What are the MainWP Extensions

MainWP Extensions are composed of PHP scripts that extend the functionality of your MainWP Dashboard. They offer new additions to your Dashboard that either enhance features that were already available or add new features to your Dashboard.

MainWP offers a variety of Free and Premium Extensions in multiple categories, which can be acquired by signing up for one of MainWP Pro Plans.

After signing up for a MainWP Pro Plan, you will be provided with the Main API Key for Extension Activation and Download Link for your purchased product(s).

Even though all MainWP Extensions are fully functional without API Activation, support and automated updates are available only for activated Extensions.

If you want to develop your Extensions, there is a comprehensive list of resources at MainWP Codex.

Please note: MainWP Extensions are distinct from the MainWP plugins. The extensions are delivered through our Extension system, while the plugins are delivered through repository. The free plugins include: MainWP Child, MainWP Dashboard, MainWP Child Reports, and MainWP Key Maker.

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