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Virusdie Extension API Compatibility

New Virusdie Users

To use the MainWP Virusdie Extension, it is required to have API access. For new users that don’t have a Virusdie account, the process of getting the keys is fairly simple. You can use the Signup field, and after getting the email with the one-time password and signing in, the extension will automatically load the keys. With the free account created through the MainWP Virusdie Extension, you can add your sites to the Virusdie dashboard to run weekly automated scans and get email notifications.

If needed, you can upgrade your account to use premium features at

Existing Virusdie Premium Users

If you already have a Premium Account with Virusdie created without the MainWP Virusdie Extension, the connection won’t be possible due to restrictions in Virusdie’s API. Existing accounts created without MainWP Virusdie Extension do not have the required permissions to manage connected sites.

After confirming with Virusdie, not all accounts have access to their API. If you have an older account, you will want to verify with Virusdie support. Unfortunately, this is out of MainWP control.

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