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Use Usersnap to Report Bugs

Since Version 4.0, MainWP Dashboard includes the Usersnap bug reporting system. To enable the system

  1. Go to the MainWP > Settings > MainWP Tools page
  2. Locate the Show Usersnap button option
  3. Enable it and Save Settings

Use Usersnap to Report Bugs 1

How to Use the Usersnap Bug Reporting System

If you spot any problem on your MainWP Dashboard, use the bug reporting system to let us know about the issue. To do that:

  1. Click on the black “Bug” icon button in the top-right corner of the screenUse Usersnap to Report Bugs 2
  2. Once the Usersnap form shows, use the provided tools to mark the spotted problemUse Usersnap to Report Bugs 3
  3. Fill in the short form and click the Send buttonUse Usersnap to Report Bugs 4

Once the report is sent, a helpdesk ticket will be created right away, and one of our support agents will get in touch with you shortly.