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Upgrading to MainWP v4.5

MainWP v4.5 introduces some big and exciting changes, such as new flexible widgets and improved communication security, therefore, it is important to perform the steps outlined in this document to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

Important Note: After updating from to 4.5 or higher, it’s highly recommended NOT to roll back the MainWP Dashboard version to Rolling back might cause problems with the synchronization process. If you did this, please refer to this help document to see how to resolve the problem.


Update MainWP Child plugin to 4.5

MainWP Dashboard v4.5 requires the MainWP Child plugin to be updated to version 4.5 so that the new verification algorithms can take effect.

Please refer to this document for more information on bulk-updating plugins.



Update MainWP extensions

The newly introduced third-party API encryption system and the introduction of flexible widgets require an update of the following extensions to at least the versions stated here.

Please refer to these documents for Updating Extensions and for potential Extensions Updates not Being Detected.

Advanced Uptime Monitor - 5.2.4
API Backups -4.0-beta4
Atarim - 4.0.2
BackWPup - 4.0.7
Buddy - 4.0.5
Cache Control 4.0.3
Comments - 4.0.8
Domain Monitor - 4.0.6
Google Analytics - 4.1.4
iThemes Security - 4.1.4
Jetpack Protect - 4.0.5
Jetpack Scan - 4.0.5
Lighthouse - 4.0.5
Matomo - 4.1.3
Pressable - 4.0.1
SSL Monitor - 4.0.5
Time Capsule - 4.0.5
UpdraftPlus - 4.0.9
Virusdie - 4.0.1
Vulnerability Checker - 4.1.5
WooCommerce Shortcuts - 4.1.3
WooCommerce Status - 4.0.9
Wordfence - 4.0.10
Termageddon - 2.2.1


Clear browser cache

Considering some JavaScript is likely cached in your browser, to avoid visual issues, please try performing a hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift +R / Command + Shift + R), or clearing your browser cache (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).


Additional Reading


Resolving connection issues after upgrading to 4.5

Please refer to this document for up-to-date information for resolving any potential connection issues after upgrading to 4.5:

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