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Updating Extension(s)

Automatic Extension(s) Update

In order to receive Automatic Updates, Extension API Activation is required!

  1. Login in to your MainWP Dashboard site
  2. Go to the WP > Plugins page
  3. Find the Extension that needs to be updated
  4. Press the Update now linkUpdate now

Manual Extension(s) Update

Reinstallation of a MainWP Extension(s) does not remove any data from a database. This means that if you reinstall your extension to update it, extension settings won’t be lost.

  1. Download the latest version of the Extension(s) you wish to update
  2. Login in to your MainWP Dashboard site
  3. Go to the WP > Plugins page
  4. Find the extension you want to update
  5. Deactivate it
  6. Delete it
  7. Install the new version

Important Notes

It is crucial to update MainWP Extensions as soon as an update is available. Using out of date extensions can cause a variety of issues, the two biggest ones being Security and Compatibility.

If you experience any issue with updating your extension(s), do not hesitate to submit a support ticket.

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