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Scheduled Events Not Occurring

MainWP Dashboard, by default, relies on a built-in WordPress file called wp-cron.php to trigger scheduled events. The wp-cron.php file is called each time your site is viewed and is sufficient in most cases. However, we suggest you install a fresh dedicated website for your Dashboard, which will probably get almost no traffic, which means your scheduled tasks may not be triggered on time.

Below are two options for automatically triggering your WP-Cron functions:

  1. Have Uptime Robot trigger your WP-Cron by adding your MainWP Dashboard as a monitor
  2. has developed its tutorial for working with MainWP:
    1. How to set up a Cron job for MainWP?
    2. What Cron job setting shall I use?

Important Notes

If setting the WP-Cron triggers doesn’t help, ensure your MainWP Dashboard doesn’t have custom redirection rules that could redirect requests and prevent triggering the WP-Cron.

The cron job Check for available updates runs every minute to check if the process has been triggered and completed, but the actual process of checking for available updates runs once per day.

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