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Quick Start with Jetpack Protect

The extension works in tandem with the Jetpack Protect plugin on your Child Sites. Both the extension and the plugin are free to download and use.

  1. Install the MainWP Jetpack Protect extension
  2. Install the Jetpack Protect plugin on all desired child sites
  3. Navigate to MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Jetpack Protect page
    NOTE: If you don’t immediately see all Child Sites on which you’ve installed Jetpack Protect plugin, please Synchronize all sites
    Quick Start with Jetpack Protect 1
  4. You should now see all sites in the table, with the red X icon in the Jetpack Connection column
    Quick Start with Jetpack Protect 2
  5. To connect the Jetpack extension to the Jetpack plugin
    1. Select all sites in the table
    2. From the Bulk actions menu, select Connect Jetpack
    3. Click Apply button
      Quick Start with Jetpack Protect 3
  6. Perform another Sycnrhonization to get fresh data
    NOTE: After connecting the Child Sites to the Jetpack Protect extension, it can take some time before the Jetpack Scan completes the first scan.
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