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Manage Pages

The MainWP Plugin allows you to manage WordPress pages on your Websites. MainWP Dashboard will allow you to remotely create a new page on your managed sites, edit existing pages, change the status for existing pages, or completely delete them.

On the MainWP > Pages > Manage page, you can easily find all existing pages and manage them without of hustle of logging into each child site separately.

  1. Login in to your MainWP Dashboard
  2. Go to the MainWP > Pages > Manage Pages pageManage Pages 1
  3. In the Search options section set your search preferences
    1. Status filters will allow you to narrow down the search to only selected page statuses
    2. Keyword field will allow you to find pages where an entered word is used
    3. Date Range will narrow down the search to pages that have been published in the selected date range
  4. Select wanted Child Sits
  5. Click the Show Pages button

Once the Search is complete, a list of found pages will appear at the bottom of the page.

Important Notes

By default, the MainWP Dashboard plugin is set to return (show) a maximum of 50 pages from one Child Site. This is set like this because loading too much data can cause various issues.

MainWP Plugin supports only default WordPress Post Types. For managing Custom Post Types, you will need the MainWP Custom Post Types Extension.

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