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MainWP Dashboard Demo Mode

Demo Mode is a risk-free, guided environment designed to familiarize new users with the platform’s extensive capabilities. It provides simulated functionalities like site Site and Client management and all WordPress component updates, allowing users to practice and explore features without affecting any real data or sites.

The Demo content you see in this mode serves as placeholder data. No real websites are connected in this demo so some functionality, particularly those that require a connection to actual sites, will be restricted for the duration of the demo.



How to get started with Demo Mode
MainWP Dashboard Demo Mode 1

When you install and activate the MainWP Dashboard plugin, you will be presented with  “Quick Setup Wizard” screen that takes you through the setup process. Simply choose “Enable Demo Mode with Guided tours”, and you’re ready to test MainWP.

Guided Tours are enabled in the Demo mode by default, and we highly recommend them for new users. However, turning off Guided Tours does not affect Demo Mode functionality.

MainWP Dashboard Demo Mode 2



How to disable Demo Mode

Once you are ready to get started with MainWP, click the Disable Demo Mode & Remove Demo Content button to remove the demo content and start adding your own.

MainWP Dashboard Demo Mode 3



How to enable Demo Mode manually

Demo mode can be manually enabled again from the Settings > Tools page.

MainWP Dashboard Demo Mode 4

NOTE: Demo Mode can not be enabled if you’ve added any Child Sites to your Dashboard, created any Clients, or installed MainWP Extensions.

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