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MainWP Browser Extensions

MainWP browses extensions for Chrome and Firefox are designed to help you easily keep track of available updates across all your connected Child Sites, including changes to your plugins and themes status done outside your Dashboard.

NOTE: Requires your MainWP Dashboard to be set up on a web host. Locally hosted Dashboards are not expected to work with the Browser Extension because the REST API requests will not be able to reach the local Dashboard.


  • Stay informed on WordPress core, plugins, themes, & translation updates
  • Automatically fetch the number of available updates for all Child Sites
  • Easily set the updates check time-interval
  • Manually fetch available updates count
  • Track the number of changes made outside of your MainWP Dashboard
  • Quickly jump into the desired Dashboard page to take action on updates




MainWP browser extension for Chrome is located at this URL:

Simply click the Add to Chrome button and then confirm the installation by clicking the Add Extension button.

NOTE: If the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature is enabled in Chrome, you will be prompted by another popup informing you that the extension is not yet trusted. Simply click Continue to install to proceed.
MainWP Browser Extensions 1

We are working on getting the extension marked as Trusted.


MainWP browser extension for Firefox is located at this URL:

Simply click the Add to Firefox button and confirm the installation by clicking the Add button.



How to connect the extension to your Dashboard

  1. Go to WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks page of your Dashboard site
  2. Choose any settings except for Plain (this is a WordPress REST API limitation)
    How Can I Enable MainWP REST API? 1
  3. Navigate to your MainWP Dashboard > REST API page, and click Add API Keys
  4. Enter the desired description for the API Key (e.g. Browser extension)
  5. Select the desired Permissions
    NOTE: Only Read permission is necessary for the Browser Extension, so it is advisable to select only it, if you do not intend to use this API key for other purposes
    MainWP Browser Extensions 2
  6. Click on the extension icon in your browser UI to open the configuration popup
    MainWP Browser Extensions 3
  7. Enter the URL of your MainWP Dashboard
  8. From your MainWP Dashboard REST API screen, copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and paste them into the extension configuration popup
  9. In the MainWP Dashboard REST API screen, click the Save Settings button to save and activate the API key
  10. In the browser extension configuration popup
    1. Mark the I have saved the API Key in my Dashboard checkbox
    2. Select the frequency with which the extension will fetch new information from the Dashboard
    3. Select which data you want the extension to sync
  11. Click the Save Settings button



Push Notifications

Each time the extension synchronizes according to the set frequency or when you manually sync it, you will receive a push notification from your browser. 

If you are not receiving notifications, please check if the notifications for your browser are disabled in the settings of your operating system.
MainWP Browser Extensions 4



Conflict with HTTP Basic Auth

Currently, the MainWP Browser Extension is NOT compatible with HTTP Basic Auth. We are working on ensuring full compatibility in future versions of the Browser Extension.

In the meantime, we’d suggest switching from HTTP Basic Auth to our Dashboard Lock extension.

The Login Lock feature of the Dashboard Lock extension is equivalent to the HTTP Basic Auth, but we have added some exceptions so that it doesn’t interfere with MainWP functionality.



Permissions and Privacy Policy

The MainWP extension requests permission for alarms, storage, and notifications to store the update count and notify you when you start your browser. Rest assured, this extension does not collect any user data.

The MainWP extension does not collect any data. It simply uses your generated MainWP REST API keys to connect to your MainWP Dashboard. However, by installing this extension, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

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