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MainWP and Strattic compatibility

MainWP and Strattic compatibility 1

Strattic is a solution for headless and static WordPress hosting.

When a WordPress site is hosted on Strattic, it has three versions. Staging, Preview, and Live. Each with its unique URL.

Staging is the WordPress version of the website, and its URL is used when adding to the MainWP Dashboard. This is the only version that the MainWP will be interacting with.

Preview, as the name suggests, is used for reviewing changes made on the Staging version before being pushed to Live.

Live is the static version of your WordPress site, and it’s the only public-facing version of the site.



Add a Strattic site to MainWP Dashboard

  1. Go to your Strattic Dashboard, locate the site you wish to add, and click the Details button
  2. From this page, you will need the HTTP (Basic Auth) Credentials and the WordPress URL
    NOTE: HTTP (Basic Auth) is mandatory for the Staging version of the site
    MainWP and Strattic compatibility 2
  3. Navigate to your MainWP Dashboard > Sites > Add New page
  4. Fill in the fields for Site URL, Administrator username (of the child site), HTTP username, and HTTP password
    MainWP and Strattic compatibility 3
  5. Click the Add Site button



Current Limitations


After a change is made on the Staging version, either through MainWP or directly on the Child site, the site must be published. This will generate a fresh static version of the site, visible to the visitors.

Learn more about the various ways a site can be published in Strattics help documentation.

Automatic Container shut down

After some period of inactivity on the Staging site, Strattic will automatically shut down the Container where that version of the WordPress website is housed.

This is done for extra security and environmental reasons.

While the Container is shut down, MainWP Dashboard cannot communicate with it, and the waking process can currently only be done through the Strattic dashboard.

Your Live site is entirely unaffected by the Container shutdown.


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