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Install Themes

Themes bulk installation is one of the most essential features of the MainWP plugin. In just a few seconds, you can install a new WordPress theme on one, few, or all your WordPress sites.

MainWP Plugin provides you three choices for installing a WordPress theme:

  1. Installation from the WordPress theme directory – Search the thousands of themes listed in the official WordPress theme directory. After submitting the search form the results themes will be displayed in the native WordPress Theme Installer layout by providing you the ability to select a theme that you want to install to your child sites.
  2. Installation by uploading a WordPress theme from your local computer  This method lets you select and upload a theme in the .zip file format that you have saved locally to your computer. After selecting the file, it will get uploaded, and you can install the theme to any number of your WordPress sites simultaneously.
  3. Installation from your Favorites directory – For installing from your favorite themes directory, you will need the MainWP Favorites Extension.
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