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Install From

Install From


  1. Login in to your MainWP Dashboard site
  2. Go to the MainWP > Themes > Install page
  3. Under the Install from tab, a list of WordPress themes will appear.a
  4. Use the “Search Themes” field to find the plugin that you want to install
    Install From 1
  5. Enter the Name of a Theme and press Enter on your keyboard
  6. Search results will appear
  7. Locate the Theme that you want to install
  8. Select it by checking the Install this Theme radio button
    Install From 2
  9. Next, in the Select Sites box, select all sites you want to install this theme to
  10. Review the Installation Options
  11. Click the Complete Installation button

Installation Options
Install From 3


Overwrite existing if already installed – if selected, the MainWP Plugin will overwrite the theme on your Child Sites if the theme is already installed.

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