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How to find sites that don’t have a certain plugin or theme installed

In version 4.5 of the MainWP Dashboard, on the Manage Plugins and Manage Themes pages, we added the new “Not installed” status. 

This enables you to search for sites that do not have a certain plugin or theme installed.

How to find sites that don't have a certain plugin or theme installed 1

  1. Navigate to Sites > Plugins > Manage Plugins or Sites > Themes > Manage Themes page
  2. Select the child sites among which to look for the “Not installed” plugin or theme
  3. In the Select Status dropdown, select the “Not installed” status
  4.  In the Search Options field, type in the name of the plugin or theme
  5. Click the Show Plugins button
  6. The table will now display all sites that don’t have that plugin or theme installed

NOTE: When searching for “Not installed” status, the table can only be displayed in “Per Site” view. That means that you don’t have to switch the view prior to searching for “Not installed” plugins or themes, and also that you cannot switch the view to “Per item” while viewing these results.

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