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Fix the disconnection issue after upgrading to 4.5

MainWP Dashboard v4.5 requires the MainWP Child plugin to be updated to version 4.5 so that the new verification algorithms can take effect.

If both the Dashboard and the Child plugin are up to date, and you are unable to reconnect your Child Sites, please follow the steps outlined below to reconnect them:


Deactivate and Reactivate the MainWP Child plugin

  1. Navigate to the WP Admin > Plugins > Installed Plugins page of the affected Child site
  2. Deactivate the MainWP Child plugin and then reactivate it
  3. Navigate to your MainWP Dashboard > Sites > Manage sites page
  4. Locate the Child Site for which you just reactivated the MainWP Child plugin
  5. Reconnect the Child Site


Temporarily change the Signature verification algorithm

  1. Navigate to MainWP Dashboard > Sites > Manage Sites page
  2. Locate one child site that is disconnected and fails to reconnect
  3. Access the Site Edit page by clicking the site name or Edit action from the Actions menu
  4. Locate the OpenSSL Signature verification algorithm option and Select SHA1
    NOTE: SHA1 algorithm is still very secure, so you are not compromising your security by doing this.
    Fix the disconnection issue after upgrading to 4.5 1
  5. Save settings
  6. Try to reconnect and sync the site
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