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Fix the disconnection issue after upgrading to

Who is affected

We believe the connection issue might affect only those who started using MainWP before November 2018 and only those Child Sites that were connected prior to that date.
In addition to that, if the MainWP Child plugin was at any point deactivated and reactivated on those Child sites, the Child Site wouldn’t be affected.

The reason why only those users are affected is that we had to introduce a change in OpenSSL public key length, from 384 to 2048, in MainWP Dashboard version 3.5.2, released on November 27, 2018.


How to solve the connection issue

If both the Dashboard and the Child plugin are up to date, and you are unable to reconnect your Child Sites, please follow these steps to reconnect:

  1. Navigate to MainWP Dashboard > Settings > Tools page
  2. Click the Reset OpenSSL Key Pair button
  3. Click Select All Disconnected checkbox
  4. Click the Reset OpenSSL Key Pair button
  5. Click the Yes, proceed! button in the popup modal
    Fix the disconnection issue after upgrading to 1
  6. Wait for the process to finish

The previously disconnected sites should now be connected, and all MainWP functionality, including Sync, should function properly.

If the sites didn’t reconnect, or if they did but MainWP functionality is affected in some way, please contact MainWP Support by opening a help desk ticket.

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