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Error “Unique sync file could not be uploaded” when adding a website to Virusdie

Error "Unique sync file could not be uploaded" when adding a website to Virusdie 1

The issue occurs because authentication with the Virusdie API server is failing, and MainWP Dashboard can’t download the sync file. Therefore it can not upload the sync file to the Child site.

Authentication with the VD API server can fail due to multiple reasons:

  • Incorrect Virusdie email address or one-time password
  • Incompatible account type since Virusdie has some limitations specifically for MainWP users

Steps to try to resolve the problem:

  1. In the Virusdie extension settings, use the Sign Out function to remove current credentials
  2. Use the Sign Up function, but use the same email address that is already registered with Virusdie
  3. This will trigger the One-Time Password email so that the user will get a new Password
  4. Use Sign In form to sign in with the email address signed up in step 2 and the new password from the email (Note: Do  not change the password in Virusdie account)
  5. After the successful sign-in process, try to add sites again
  6. If it fails again, contact the Virusdie team to check the account compatibility or if something else is causing issues with the authentication process
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