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Customizing tables on MainWP Dashboard

This help document will show you how to customize the tables on MainWP Dashboard and how they appear on the Desktop and Mobile.

Most of the customization covered here can only be done on the Desktop. However, the exact same changes will be applied to the Mobile as well.

Show/hide table columns

Customizing tables on MainWP Dashboard 1

Columns in the table on the  Sites > Manage Sites page can be shown or hidden depending on user preferences. To do so, click on the Cog icon in the top right of your screen, select the desired columns, and click save changes. The same columns will appear on Mobile as well.



Reorder table columns

Customizing tables on MainWP Dashboard 2

Columns on pages Sites > Manage Sites, Posts > Manage Posts, Pages > Manage Pages, and Users > Manage Users can be re-ordered by using Drag & Drop functionality.

To reorder columns, click on a column title, and while keeping the mouse button pressed, move the column in the desired position to the left or right. Let go of the mouse button to save the position. The columns will have the same order on Mobile as well.

On Mobile, the number of columns displayed will depend on the size of individual columns. The order of columns displayed is from the left edge to the right.

For example, if you want to display the number of updates in the table on Mobile without needing to press the plus icon, Drag & Drop the Updates column to the right of the Site column.

Customizing tables on MainWP Dashboard 3


Expand rows for more details

On Mobile, the rows can be expanded to show information from all columns. Most tables will show the plus icon on the left edge of the row. Tap it to expand the row.

Customizing tables on MainWP Dashboard 4

The only exception is the table on the  MainWP Dashboard > Updates page. To expand the row on Mobile, simply tap anywhere on the empty space on a particular row to expand it.

Customizing tables on MainWP Dashboard 5

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