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Create cURL Version column in the Manage Sites table

In this document, we will go over how to add the “cURL Version” column to the Manage Sites table.

  1. Install MainWP Custom Dashboard extension
  2. Navigate to your MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Custom Dashboard
  3. Open PHP tab
  4. Add the following code snippet:
    add_filter( 'mainwp_sitestable_getcolumns', 'mycustom_sites_table_column', 10 );
    function mycustom_sites_table_column( $cols ) {
       $cols['child_curl_version'] = 'cURL Version';
       return $cols;
    add_filter( 'mainwp_sitestable_item', 'mycustom_sitestable_item', 10 );
    function mycustom_sitestable_item( $item ) {
       $options = apply_filters( 'mainwp_getwebsiteoptions', array(), $item['id'], 'site_info' );
       $website_info = json_decode( $options, true );
       if ( is_array( $website_info ) && isset( $website_info['child_curl_version' ] ) ) {
          $item[ 'child_curl_version' ] = $website_info[ 'child_curl_version' ];
       } else {
          $item[ 'child_curl_version' ] = '';
       return $item;
  5. Click the Save Changes button

Navigate to the Sites > Manage Sites page, and verify that the column has been added.

Create cURL Version column in the Manage Sites table 1

Drag and drop it to the desired spot. If it’s placed near the beginning of the table, it will also be visible in the mobile version without expanding the Child Site row.

For more information about customizing the tables in MainWP, check out this article:

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