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Connection issues caused by Imunify360 security suite

Imunify360 is a security suite for Linux web servers. If it is present on the server that’s hosting the Child Site, it can, in some circumstances, block connection from the MainWP Dashboard.

If MainWP Dashboard detects that Imunify360 is blocking the connection, it will display the following error message:

Error detected: Connection Failed. We suspect that Imunify360, a security layer added by your host, is causing this problem. Please contact your host to whitelist your Dashboard IP in their system. If you need help determining your MainWP Dashboard site IP address, check with your hosting provider.

As the error message suggests, please contact your host provider and have them whitelist the Dashboard IP in their system.

NOTE: The experience has shown that some support representatives are unaware of Imunify360 and how it plays a role in this connection issue. In that case, please try to escalate your support ticket and gently insist on them investigating the issue further, and checking any logs that might show connection blocks.


Using Cloudflare with Imunify360

If you are using Cloudflare and its “Cache Everything” feature for a Child Site, in addition to Imunify360 being used on the server that’s hosting the Child Site, then it is necessary to follow the steps outlined in this Imunify360’s help document for disabling Edge Cache TTL:

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